About Us

Tusobola is a Lusoga word which literally translated into English means "WE CAN". We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation who are initially focusing our work in Jinja District in the Republic of Uganda.

Why Tusobola

Tusobola was founded to bridge the gaps left out in the provision of services by the existing special needs shareholders in the area in which we are based.

Our Mission

Is to strengthen and increase access to existing disability services to the marginalised and vulnerable people with disabilities.

Our purpose

We are mainly working with people with disabilities of all age groups, their parents /careers and the entire community in which they live.

Our Vision

Is to create a world in which people with disabilities are treated as equals within society and given equal opportunities to access education, health care, employment and other basic human rights entitlements.

Our Team

Our dedicated team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure Tusobola progresses.

Ochieng Kassedde Romeo

Executive Director & Founder

Katagaya Patrick

Project Manager

Team of Trustees

Okoth Grace


Brenda Mutekanga


Kibiina Ronald


Asiimwe Elizabeth